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Explore COVID-19 Preprints

A lot of articles concerning SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 are published on preprint servers every day. Most of these papers are not reviewed in a professional reviewing process at the time of publication. Collabovid helps researchers to identify the most relevant information by using Natural Language Processing. You can search for any topic you want below. Visit search to review all articles or browse a list of predefined topics. For additional help visit the frequently asked questions.

Helping researchers

Since January 2020, 5219 articles concerning the coronavirus were published on so-called preprint servers. Of these publications, 117 appeared today and 523 have been released in the past week. For researchers, it is impossible to review every single one manually. Therefore, Natural Language Processing techniques are needed to filter out the most relevant information and allow researchers to make faster progress in fighting the crisis.

Our data sources

Collabovid currently indexes all COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2-related papers from medRxiv, bioRxiv and arXiv. This dataset is updated automatically several times a day. We are working hard on including new data sources.

Are you an expert?

We are looking for medical researchers or other people that are currently working on COVID-19 publications to improve Collabovid and gain insights into your workflow. If you want to help us, please leave us a message.

Most Recent Papers

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  • COVID-19: A Chronological Review of the Neurological Repercussions - What do We Know by May, 2020?
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  • Pitting the Gumbel and logistic growth models against one another to model COVID-19 spread
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  • COVID-19: Impact of Obesity and Diabetes in Disease Severity
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